What to do if I have not been paid for the task

If you completed the task - but your report was rejected, you might disagree with this. If you believe that this was done maliciously, then you can provide evidence of your innocence and restoration of justice. In this article, we will give advice on how to proceed in this case.


These tips do not apply to situations where an assignment has been returned for revision or has been under review for a long time. Do not forget that the customer has a regulated time granted to check your report.


What is important to do first

Step one: Make sure that the task has been completed correctly in all respects. And remember that the advertiser has the right to reject the report for failure to comply with any condition, even, if in your opinion, such conditions are insignificant.


For example: you copied the search phrase, and did not type it in manually. or you were on the site for less than the agreed time. Usually, the employer, who sets the conditions for the performance of the task, has the ability to check each of these conditions.


If you think that you have fulfilled all the conditions of the assignment correctly, and that its refusal is unreasonable, proceed to the next step.


Step two: If you are completely sure that the task has been completed in full, but the customer rejected it unlawfully, write them a letter. Ask to reconsider the decision to reject the assignment. Perhaps it was caused by some kind of misunderstanding. For it to be more likely for them to respond positively to your petition, adhere to a few optional but very useful rules. They will help you build trust, increase the likelihood of getting rejected assignments paid, and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings in future work.

Write your messages:

  1. In a friendly manner, avoid familiarity. Mutual respect is the main condition for mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.
  2. Do not threaten or insult your employer. You will not be able to harm him, but you can easily spoil relations with him, and hence earn a spot on the “Black List” for your “ugly” actions. You should not want to earn a reputation as a brawler and impolite interlocutor on the project.
  3. Don't bombard the advertiser with a lot of messages. After sending one message, wait before re-writing.
When addressing a customer who rejected your report, ask them the main question: "Where did I go wrong?" And, to prove your case, duplicate your report in the letter. It is also desirable to add the date and time of its submission.


Extreme measures

An extreme measure in case of rejection of the report by the customer will be to contact the technical support of the project. This step should only be taken when:

  • you were ignored, that is, there is no answer to the letter;
  • you were added to the Black List without explanation, which is why you cannot write to the customer yourself;
  • the advertiser has offended you in his reply;
  • and most importantly, you are sure that the task was completed according to all instructions.

When contacting technical support, select the category "Problems with advertiser or executor". To get a quick and fair decision in your appeal, please indicate:

  1. The date and time the report was rejected.
  2. Job number and customer (advertiser) ID.
  3. Reason for rejection (rejection text).
  4. Inform the appeal about the correspondence with the customer and the results of the correspondence themselves.
  5. Provide evidence that the assignment was completed correctly.

Do not forget that if you did not try to solve the problem on your own, the technical support service will not consider your appeal, but will offer to first resolve the issue with the customer on its own. If the issue is controversial and you provided insufficient evidence, then the technical support service will leave the appeal without consideration - clause 2.11. Service rules.

«2.11. The administration does not participate in disputes between advertisers and implementers. Any user disputes, if they do not concern a violation of these rules, are resolved by the disputing parties in person or using the built-in project mechanisms. Intervention in a dispute between a representative of the Administration is possible only at the request of the representative himself and is not mandatory.


Information for customers! If, after reading this article, you come to the conclusion that the administration is on the side of the performer, please read the article on how we protect your rights


Required Reading

The administration is neutral. For us, everyone is equal. We are always happy to help in resolving disputes. But we have zero tolerance for dishonest people. It is important to remember: friendly relations of all project participants with each other is the key to productive work at SEOSPRINT.