How to Make Your Task Collection and Send It to a Friend

A task collection helps you share your favorite tasks with referrals and friends on SEOSPRINT. Before, users would sort special tasks and share links for each one separately, but it was necessary to wade through a sea of links. Now, however, a user can bundle 50, 100, or more tasks that are neatly made out and organized. This helps others do make money quickly without wasting a lot of time.

If you’d like to know a few secrets about how to search for the best tasks, then you’ll be interested in the subject of how to find and sort tasks.

How to Create a Task Collection

A task collection can include an unlimited number of tasks. There can be 1, 100 or 1,000. You can add as many as you like, but if the collection has more than 1,000, it defeats the purpose of having a specific collection. You need to choose at least one task in order to create a collection.

Do the following steps:

  1. Open Earnings > Tasks > Selected:
  2. Click the button with the «+» sign.
  3. Assign a name to the category and click «To Add».
  4. The category you created will appear on the list. You can now add tasks to the task collection.

You can see the entire list of task collections on this page. Each collection will have a link, so you can easily share them with others.

How to Add Tasks to a Task Collection

Perform the following functions:

  1. Open Earnings > Tasks > All available tasks.
  2. Choose a task and click the button with the star.
  3. The category you already created will open.
  4. Choose one or more of the categories so you can add tasks. A green category means that a task is already in the collection.

How to delete tasks from a collection

You can add/delete an unlimited number of tasks by performing the steps mentioned earlier:

  1. Open “Selected”.
  2. Choose the category from which you want to delete a task.
  3. Choose the task, and click the button with the green star.
  4. The list in that category will open.
  5. Click the category in order to delete the task from the collection.

Gray categories mean that the task is not in the selection.

How to Share Your Task Collections

The main purpose for having a task collection is so that a referrer to share useful tasks with referrals. But that’s not all; you can share your sets with any user.

  1. Open Selected.
  2. Choose the list by clicking on it.
  3. Click on the button with three dots.
  4. Settings will open up.
  5. Copy the link and send it to a user via chat, the forum, or by using another convenient method.

How to delete or rename a task collection

You can also delete or edit the name of a task collection. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Selected.
  2. Choose the list.
  3. Click on the button with three dots.
  4. Settings will open.

Choose the required action:

  • Pencil icon — enter a new name and click on Change
  • Trash can icon — choose and confirm that you want to delete the category. You cannot undo this action or restore the collection.

Friends can exchange collections and referrers can create them for referrals. Sometimes a user publishes a free article in order to share well-paying tasks. Some users exchange collections on the forum. Task collections help to create a comfortable working environment.


Create task collections in order to attract new referrals to your team and help them earn money. This will also increase the amount you make.