Service Rules


1.1. SEOSPRINT is a service that allows users-advertisers to advertise their web resources, services and brands, and users-implementers the opportunity to earn money by viewing this advertisement and completing simple tasks. Each user can be both an advertiser and a implementer.

1.2. Account – a personal “workplace” identified and attached to the user. To create an account, you must register. One user can have only one account in the project. Advertisers or their representatives may have more than one account, if appropriate for their advertising campaigns.

1.3. Login – login to your account (workplace) using registration data (e-mail and password). Registration data is provided to the user during the registration process. It is forbidden to register using services that provide temporary e-mail addresses or SMS numbers. In case of loss of data from the account, you must use their recovery, instead of registering again.

1.4. BAN – deletion of a user account for violations of the Project Rules with the preliminary blacklisting of all personal data of the violator to prevent re-registration.



2.1. By registering in the SEOSPRINT project, the user agrees with these Rules in full. It is forbidden to register and use the service by persons who do not agree to follow these Rules.

2.2. The project administration does not bear any responsibility for possible damage caused to you as a result of using this service.

2.3. Any user has the right to voluntarily delete his SEOSPRINT account. Removal is possible if the user does not have his referrals, active advertising sites and debts to the project. All balances on the site must be withdrawn. For the next 90 days after deletion, it is prohibited to register a new account with past registration and payment data. If the account has been banned, any re-registration is prohibited.

2.4. The project administration is strictly moderating the advertising placed in the project for violations of the law, principles of ethics and morality. However, the administration is not responsible for the content of the advertisements, including that which can be changed subsequently after passing the check. The project administration advocates for "clean Internet", therefore, condemns pornography, does not welcome the "garbage" on sites in the form of a large number of pop-up pop-up windows and frames.

2.5. The administration reserves the full right to add and exclude the use of various payment systems and tools in the project, based on considerations of necessity and technical feasibility.

2.6. The administration does not transfer personal information of users to third parties. Nevertheless, if it is established that the user is involved in illegal activities (including fraud, the dissemination of child pornography, etc.), the Administration reserves the right to notify the relevant authorities, with the transfer of the necessary personal data of the offender.

2.7. In the case of a BAN and account deletion, no compensation is made. Balances are reset, advertising campaigns are closed with zero budgets, referrals are released, the account is deleted physically without the right to re-register. No money back. Claims are not accepted and decisions are not appealed.

2.8. The administration of SEOSPRINT does not share the opinions of the authors of publications in blogs, is not related to the information published by the authors (except for the explicitly designated official blogs) and is not responsible for any possible moral or material damage directly or indirectly related to the published materials. However, all materials published on the project are postmoderated for compliance with the rules of blogging.

2.9. The project automatically deletes the accounts of inactive users who have not logged into their account on the project for more than 1 year. The presence of referrals and active advertising platforms does not matter for the user.

2.10.Users are expected to be active. Referral deductions cease to accrue to the referrer if he is absent from the project for more than 30 consecutive days.

2.11. The administration does not participate in disputes between advertisers and implementers. Any user disputes, if they do not concern a violation of these Rules, are resolved by the disputing parties in person or using the built-in project mechanisms. Intervention in a dispute between a representative of the Administration is possible only at the request of the representative himself and is not mandatory.

2.12. The administration has the right to make changes to these rules, having previously notified users in the News and on the official Forum.



3.1. If you have questions about working in the project, the user should seek the advice of his referrer-curator (if any) by internal mail. Official sources of project information: Wiki and Forum.

3.2. A user who is a referrer (curator) should be prepared to provide consultative support to his referrals in a timely manner.

3.3. It is forbidden to use the internal mail of the project for any type of advertising, if the recipient is not the referral of the sender.

3.4. It is forbidden to send SPAM in any way possible, including internal mail or messages on the Forum. The violator's account will be banned and deleted or limited in functionality.

3.5. It is forbidden to use profanity in correspondence with other users, as well as blackmail, extortion of money or bonuses. In the event of complaints from victims, the violator's account will be banned and deleted or limited in functionality.

3.6. It is strictly forbidden to use automatic wrapping programs: autoclickers, autobrowsers, etc. The use, distribution, sale or advertising of such programs is prohibited.



4.2. Responsibility for the advertising information placed in the project, links and texts lies with the customer (advertiser). Any damage, including material, associated with an incorrectly placed order, the use of broken or broken links, is not indemnified.

4.3. Customers who regularly violate the Advertising Policies permanently lose the ability to use SEOSPRINT for advertising.

4.4. Customers posting Paid Jobs are required to timely and fairly verify the completion of tasks in the "Advertiser Panel". Reports that are not approved or rejected by the advertiser within 10 days will be automatically approved by SEOSPRINT.

4.5. All advertising campaigns are subject to mandatory review by the Administration before being launched. The result of the audit is approval, a request for adjustment or blocking of the advertising platform or an order. The maximum term for checking an advertising platform is 24 hours. You should not contact the Administration with requests to check your advertising before this deadline. Moreover, any such requests will not speed up the verification process. Each customer is assigned a personal manager, to whom you can turn for help and advice.


4.6. It is forbidden to advertise resources:

  • viruses and phishing sites/links
  • sites redirected to other sites, including redirecting the source site
  • destructive timer frame (surf only)
  • containing pornography or erotic materials
  • containing profanity and profanity
  • sex shops and one-night dating boards
  • LGBT community
  • calling for violence, racism, nationalism, immoral behavior
  • political, military and religious resources
  • donation collection resources other than official foundations and help centers
  • resources with elements of magic, spiritualism, occultism
  • clearly deceived resources
  • resources created "not for people", i.e. crammed with many affiliate programs, pop-ups, etc.
  • resources requiring sending paid SMS messages
  • sites that load unreasonably long due to poor hosting or an abundance of hidden affiliates
  • resources that violate international law and government restrictions


4.7. In addition to the general limitations of clause 4.6, certain types of services provided by SEOSPRINT may contain additional terms, permissions and prohibitions. The customer must first familiarize himself with all the rules and additions before creating his order. In case of non-compliance with these conditions, any costs and commissions are covered by the customer.



  • 5.1. Violation or systematic contest of the Project Rules.
  • 5.2. Multi-account. Registration or use of more than one account in order to mislead users of SEOSPRINT, as well as not to conduct separate advertising campaigns, is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to use the same registration data, payment details and phone numbers in more than one account. Periodic matching of IP addresses is allowed.
  • 5.3. Use or advertising of automated wrapping tools: autoclickers, autobrowsers, accelerators, etc.
  • 5.4. Deception of the system, hacking attempts, penetration into other people's accounts.
  • 5.5. Blackmail of users, attempts and facts of fraud, illegal seizure and theft of funds.
  • 5.6. Attempts and facts of "laundering" or exchange of funds by performing operations of depositing funds in one currency/payment system and withdrawing funds in another currency/payment system, as well as aiding in the commission of these actions.
  • 5.7. Email SPAM, sending emails with a referral service link.
  • 5.8. Fraud at work. Distribution or use of ready-made answers and reports on quests and tasks.
  • 5.9. Actions aimed at undermining the functioning of the project, as well as their representatives. Organization of trolling and stubborn resistance of the Administration.
  • 5.10. Intrusive attempts to place advertising that is forbidden to be shown by the Project Rules.
  • 5.11. Appeals to the SEO Administration sprint or their representatives that are obscene or offensive.
  • 5.12. Aiding, complicity in violation of the above paragraphs of the Rules.