Rules for Creating Publications

The rules for blogs and publications are the same as for the rest of SEOSPRINT; however, they are somewhat simplified.

The following content is not allowed:

1. Ads and links to harmful sites that contain viruses, phishing scams, etc.

2. Pornography, erotic material, any form of sexual community, sex shops and dating boards

3. Obscene speech and profanity as well as content that contains any form of cruelty, violence, racism, nationalism, or immoral behavior

4. Political and religious content, with the exception of general news, personal experiences and personal blogs

5. Content that contains any form of witchcraft, magic, spiritism or occultism

6. Advertising of medication, alcohol, tobacco, vaping, smoking mixtures and intoxicating substances, as well as means and devices for their use and consumption

7. Content that is clearly deceptive or fraudulent

8. Collection of donations, with the exception of official funds

9. Content and links to sites that violate international law

10. Content or images that are morally or ethically shocking or inappropriate

11. The absence of any significant or meaningful content, i.e. using the site mainly for links to external sources

Please do not write the titles of publications in CAPITAL LETTERS, bold type, or repeat the same characters such is “!!!!!!!”, emoticons, emojis, graphic elements and images, etc.

A blog can be blocked if it is not used for its intended purpose, e.g. if it is used for advertisements.