Why is it beneficial to select favorite users

The information in this article will be helpful for those who need users that have certain knowledge or skills, or who are honest, diligent or have other needed qualities, as well as for those who create and check a large number tasks.


The developers of SEOSPRINT have made it possible to put some users in a specific category, that of “Favorites.” This function will allow the client to create a dedicated group from tens and even hundreds of users who do tasks, and this group can be entrusted with completing certain tasks on time and with high-quality results. This will significantly save time, save you from unnecessary costs, and ultimately improve the quality of your tasks as well as how effective they are. This will lead to an increase in your income.

Which users can you add to your Favorites?

It makes sense to add some users to your favorites when you already have a certain group who have done your tasks, or you have done some investigating to identify users who are suitable for your tasks.


In order to add a user to your favorites, go to his wall and click on the heart icon that is just above the user’s statistics:

Добавить как избранного исполнителя

After clicking the heart, its color changes from gray to white, and the highlight around it will change from white to blue.

Изменение подсветки

That’s it. The user is now in your “Favorite users” category. He/she is now in the list “Favorite users”, which is easy to find: Promotion > Management > Favorite users.


You’ll see the user’s name, ID, status, and rating. At the end of the line is an “x”, and if you click on it, you can remove the user from your list of favorites.


Examples of how to use the “Favorite users” function.

Example #1: Let’s say you need to write a key article for your site. The article will be long and must be well-written and grammatically correct. It should also contain adequate and accurate information about the subject that is discussed. In order to do this, you need someone who will do the task in accordance with your requirements. In this case, it would be helpful to have a user you can select in your “Favorite users.”


You can first create a task of writing shorter articles for your site that aren’t quite so important, and without limiting the number of users involved. Let's say you choose a topic for an article and set a budget in the advertising space for 50 tasks. When the budget has been depleted, you will have 50 articles, and you can analyze them for quality and see the abilities and professionalism of the various users.


After having selected the user who, in your opinion, wrote the best article, you can create the new task, which is the main article for your site. You’ll offer this key article, outlining the needed requirements. When you create the advertisement, in “available users” you’ll choose “favorite users.” That’s it. Now the task will be visible only to the user you want to do it.


By doing this, you can significantly reduce the costs of writing the article as well as the time it takes to write it and check it. This will increase the effectiveness of your advertisements and save you both time and money.


Example #2: Maybe you’re going to create an advertisement where it’s necessary to do a few simple actions – click, like, or subscribe. Whenever such tasks were done before, hundreds, and maybe thousands, of users did them, and each time you had to check their work. This time, the function “favorite users” can help. Whenever you posted such tasks, you looked at the work of those who did them and noted the users who honestly and properly completed all of their tasks. A limited number of users, those you trust, can be chosen. You can also add them to the “favorite users” category.


When the list becomes comparable in size to the number of tasks that you usually put into the advertising budget, you can do something that will save you a significant amount of time. When creating an advertisement– just as in the first example – you can choose “favorite users” from “available users.” When the tasks are complete, you can simply accept them automatically without having to look at and check them.


Even if you didn’t limit access to “favorite users” when you created the task, when you check it, you can see whether the user should be added to your favorites. If you add them, a heart icon will glow on the left side of the report just as it does on the user’s wall. If you know that a particular user is a favorite and has earned your trust, you can accept his report without having to check it.

В левой стороне будет светиться избранный исполнитель

Thus, the ability to add to your favorites users who have completed tasks is just one more way to make your work on SEOSPRINT easy and convenient. It allows you to get the best results in the shortest period of time and with less cost. The end result is that both your income and profit will increase.


Use more functions, more tools, opportunities provided by the SEOSPRINT website, and your work on it will be more interesting, enjoyable, effective and ultimately lead to increased income.