How to move tasks to the top of the list

Users complete tasks they see more often, even if they are more difficult. And those that are closer to the bottom of the task list don’t get much attention from users. To increase the number of times your tasks are viewed as well as the number that are completed, you can use two tools – one that moves them up on the list manually, and one that does it automatically.


How to manually move tasks up on the list

The manual mode is a way to move tasks from the bottom of the list to the top. Manual mode will attract more attention to your tasks but won’t guarantee that they are completed. A task can occupy first place on the list for a minute, an hour, or longer - until another advertiser moves his task to the top, ahead of yours. The price to move one task is $ 0.02.

Кнопка ручного поднятия

The button to move a task up is below the button for the task budget. The number is the position of the task in the list. During this time, users see and complete your tasks more often.


How to move tasks up manually

In order to move a task manually, first replenish your task budget for at least one completion and at least one manual move. If there isn’t enough in your budget, you won’t be able to move the task.


To move a task manually:

  1. Make sure the job is active.Убедитесь, что задание запущено
  2. Click the button with the image of a cup and the position number.Как поднять задание вручную
  3. Confirm by clicking the “Move” button.Подтвердите поднятие
  4. Your task will immediately go to the top of the list.


The number on the cup changes to show that the task is at the top of the list. The position counter is there so you know when to move the task up again.


Advertisers use manual mode to dramatically increase the activity on a task. But manual mode is rarely used to maintain activity. For this, there is automatic mode. 

What is automatic mode?

Automatic mode (interval VIP moving up of tasks) is an additional tool that can maintain views and completions of your tasks. It does not guarantee completion of tasks. You can set the interval anywhere between ten minutes and one day. If you choose ten minutes, then every ten minutes the system will move the task one place up on the list, as long as your budget has enough for one task completion.


How to set automatic mode

The fee for automatic mode is subtracted from your budget, not the main balance. Replenish your budget so there is enough for a completed assignment. To set up automatic mode, you need to edit the task:

  1. In the additional parameters, set the interval for automatic mode. Choose an interval between ten minutes and one day.

  2. After you’ve made the settings, click Save Changes.По окончании настройки площадки
  3. Automatic mode will not be active yet. To start it, click the button with the image of a cup.
    Для запуска нажмите кнопку с изображением кубка
  4. Confirm by clicking Yes.
    Подтвердите поднятие

The system will automatically move your ad towards the top of the list at the interval you selected. Automatic mode will stop if you switch to manual mode or if your budget runs out.


Recommendations for moving tasks up on the list

Use these modes to move tasks when you have determined your objective:

  • if you need many tasks completed, set it to the maximum setting;
  • use manual mode when it’s daytime for users who could potentially do the task. Don’t use it when they are sleeping;
  • be sure to keep an eye on your budget. There is no point in moving a task if there are only enough funds for a few tasks..


Determine the result you’d like

Determine what you’re trying to accomplish – attract many users now, or fewer users and less frequently. Depending on the task, use either manual or automatic mode. You’ll increase the number of views and completions of your tasks, and you’ll reach your goal quickly