I Refused a User’s Invoice, but Now I want to Pay Him

If you mistakenly refused a user’s invoice for work completed but now you want to pay him, you still can. With a couple of clicks, you can find and approve the invoice.


How to pay for a refused invoice

When you check tasks, a record of approved and refused invoices is retained in the archive. In order to pay a refused invoice, replenish your advertising budget with enough to pay for at least one task, and then you can pay for the work.


To pay for a refused invoice:

  1. Go to Promotions > Tasks.
  2. Choose the option to pay for a refused invoice.
  3. Click on the red button with a number on it (this is the total number of refused invoices) in order to open the archive of refused invoices.
    Нажмите цифру на красном фоне
  4. Find the invoice that you want to approve (Ctrl+F and enter the ID or user name).
  5. Under the invoice, click the button that says “Approve and pay.”

    Одобрить отклонённый отчёт

After you have clicked the button, the user will receive payment for the work he did, and the refused invoice will move to the archive of paid invoices.


When you check tasks, be sure to look them over carefully. But if you mistakenly refused a task that was done correctly, use the function for approving refused invoices in order to remedy the situation.