How to add and run a SEOSPRINT task

With the help of tasks, customers can place requests for simple or routine work, and performers can perform tasks assigned to them. As a rule, the goal of tasks is to make previously unknown products popular, attract potential customers, and so on.

The power of tasks is in demand: on SEOSPRINT, thousands of performers are ready to visit your online resource or become your customers. The more interesting the task conditions, the more actively they are fulfilled. So don't forget to pay special attention to the description.


How to create a task

You can add a task to SEOSPRINT in just 3 clicks:

  1. Open the page Promotion> Task.
  2. Click the button ADD TASK.
Before continuing, please read the rules for placing tasks. This will help you avoid misunderstandings when checking your tasks.


Excellent. The foundation of the task has been laid. Let's go to the settings.


How to set up a task

First, you need to fill in the fields and set the required parameters for your task:

  1. Write a short title on the subject of the task to interest the performers. It is not acceptable to use only capital letters, emoticons, emojis, or pseudo-graphic elements in the title.
  2. Optionally, specify the URL of the advertised resource. For performers, the link will automatically open in a new tab.
  3. Make a description of the task. In order for the description to be easy to read and attract performers, it must be specific and concise, without any fawn. There are separate recommendations on how to create a clear and attractive task description.
  4. Formulate a clear requirement for the report. What exactly should the performer specify in the report? Do not repeat the description of the task or conditions. Specify only those requirements that will help you determine whether your conditions are fully met.
  5. Select the task category according to its main topic.
  6. Determine the reward for the performer. To properly evaluate the task, you can go to the menu Earnings > Tasks and see the cost of completing similar tasks. All settlements on the project are made in US dollars. Therefore, the performer's remuneration should be indicated in US dollars.
  7. Configure the access re-execution of the task. Select the option "Available again after checking the report" or set the interval from one hour to five days. This means that the same user will be able to re-take your task. If you don't need to repeat runs, select "One user — one run".
  8. Determine the maximum completion time from an hour to a month. The time allotted for completing the task should correspond to the ability of the average performer to complete it. Choose the timing carefully. Keep in mind that while the task is being completed, you will not be able to edit it.
  9. Now that the required settings are specified, click the POST button.

The task provides additional flexible settings. Read the article on how to configure optional site parameters. It tells you about how to choose exactly the audience that you need.


How to start a task

On the site on the left there is a button (icon) with which you can determine the status of the task, as well as manage it. After you save the task, it will not start automatically. You need to do this yourself:

  1. Click the gray button with the gear icon.
  2. Changing the button color from gray to yellow means that you have sent the ad platform to the manager for verification. Wait for the manager to check and approve it. This will take from 1 minute to 24 hours.
  3. If there are no comments, the button will turn red with a pause sign. Now the site is approved and waiting for your further actions.
  4. Before you start a task, top up the ad platform's budget for at least one task. This is necessary so that at least one performer can start performing the task. How to do this, read the article below.
  5. If there are enough funds on the site, click the red button (with a pause sign). As soon as the button turns green, the task will be available to performers.

We carefully monitor the quality of advertising, so all sites on the site are thoroughly checked.

If there are comments on the task, a red button with a hand will appear on the left. You can't start this task until you make it match the comments. If the reason for the comment is not clear to you, write to your personal manager and they will explain the details.


Types of buttons

So, let's repeat what types of indicator buttons an advertising platform has:

New taskPlatform is being processedPlatform at pausePlatform launchedExecute alterations
For convenience, you can enable Telegram notifications. In this case, you will always find out in time whether the status of your ad platform has changed or whether you have received fresh reports in your task.


How to replenish the budget of the task

Before launching, top up your main account balance. You can use it to make a contribution to the task budget. This sequence helps you manage your budget if you have multiple tasks and spend exactly as much as you have planned.

To replenish the task:

  1. Click the Task Budget button.
  2. Select the deposit amount and click Add to budget.

In the same menu, you can replenish your account balance, as well as return the remaining money if you are going to delete the task.


How to edit a task

Before you edit a task, make sure that there are no active performers on it. If there are any, you will have to wait until the task is released.

  1. In the lower-right corner, click the button with the pen image.
  2. Make changes to conditions or parameters.
  3. Don't forget to Save changes.

After the changes, the task can be sent back to the manager for review. Wait for verification, then run the edited task.

Start implementing the most bold ideas through the promotion of products through task. It only takes a few minutes to create a site! Thousands of SEOSPRINT performers will be happy to complete your task and help you achieve your goal.

Post your first task now.