How сan one be a good performer?

SEOSPRINT monitors the quality of advertising platforms, as well as the quality of task completion. Sometimes, due to inexperience, inattention or greed, performers lose access to completing tasks and do not understand why this has happened. This article is written to prevent such unpleasant situations. This article explains what the "you are a bad performer" notification means and how to proceed in this situation.


A performer can lose their rights

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, we are forced to block some users from completing tasks. This notification looks like this:

It is better that you see this inscription only in this article. Otherwise, you will not be able to complete tasks anymore. Note that the age of the account or the reputation of the artist are not extenuating circumstances.


What could be some of the reasons for blocking a performer

Reasons for the “you are a bad performer” notification:

  1. Decrease in the artist's rating to below -10 points.
  2. Systematic low-quality or incomplete performance of tasks.
  3. Submission of false or copied reports.

In case of detection of fraud on the part of the performer, blocking the execution of tasks may also be accompanied by other blocking of the account, for example, blocking the right to withdraw funds, placing ads, and even deleting (BAN) the entire account.

If your account is completely blocked, re-registration and work in the project is prohibited.


What needs to be done to prevent this from happening

Read the terms of the assignment carefully. This is the foundation of good performance. Follow all the points in the task and submit the report in the form in which the customer requires it. If you do not fully understand all the stages of the task in the description or are not sure that you can complete it, do not take on this task.


Refuse to complete if you realize that the task is beyond your power. It is better to click on the “Refuse to complete” button than to send a report to a task that was not completed in full. The chance to see the inscription "you are a bad performer" will increase if you submit an empty report or provide information that is not related to the assignment.


Do not complete tasks written in a language you do not speak. There are cases when the customer has not set the correct targeting by mistake and you may have access to a task in a foreign language. If you do not speak this language, do not try to complete the task using an interpreter. In most cases, you will get rejected.


Never submit a report for a failed assignment. If you personally did not complete the task, submitting a report would be a big mistake. It does not matter where the data for the report is taken from (for example, if the report is copied), you will be punished. Such actions are considered fraud and will lead to blocking of the entire account.


Keep track of rejected reports. Customers make mistakes too. If you were not paid for the task, try to find out why this happened (usually the reason is indicated in the text of the refusal), perhaps this is a misunderstanding. The article "What to do if I was not paid for the task" describes how to act in such a situation.


What can you do if the Run Jobs feature is blocked

If you still see the inscription “you are a bad performer”, analyze your actions and be honest with yourself. It makes no sense to challenge this decision in technical support if you deliberately abused the right of the performer.


And only if you are completely sure that the blocking is a misunderstanding, you can contact technical support and present your arguments. Appeals without convincing facts will be ignored.


In order for clients to receive high-quality performance of their tasks, and for performers to have the opportunity for professional growth, such a preventive measure and screening out unscrupulous performers is necessary. And remember: it is much better to not lose trust than to try to restore it.