Configuring additional parameters as a way to increase the efficiency of the task

Many people, after creating a task and entering the main parameters marked with an asterisk, send it for verification. In this case, the fields with additional parameters remain filled in by default. By doing so, they miss the opportunity to get the most out of their task. You can also filter out those performers who get paid when completing the task, without actually contributing to the goal set by the customer when creating the task.

Effect of additional parameters on task execution conditions

If we look at the "Advanced parameters" settings block, we see lines in which we can set a condition that affects the frequency of task completion, categories of performers, their social status, and so on. Now we will analyze each item separately. 

Additional site parameters

Below we will consider how certain parameters affect the effectiveness of advertising and attracting the target audience.

Assign folder

This item in the settings group was created for your convenience and does not affect the selection of the artist category or other parameters. Its purpose is to organize your tasks if there are a lot of them, and if they belong to different categories. It is displayed when at least 1 folder is created. For more information, see the article about the value of your folders in the customer's dashboard.

Maximum period for checking reports

Select this option to limit the time you have to check task reports of implementors. After this period, their report will be automatically paid for. By default, 10 days are given for verification. However, you can reduce this value to 24 hours (1 day). You should only change this setting in 2 cases. First, if you know for sure that you will have time to check the accumulated reports. Second, you are confident in the performers and do not plan to check the reports.

We recommend that you do not change the value of 10 days, unless absolutely necessary.

Minimum dispensing interval

If you leave the default value, that is, "no interval", then the implementation of your task will not have a time limit, and the entire amount, the budget you have assigned to your task, will decrease very quickly, and the traffic to the resource that you advertise will increase dramatically, and this often leads to undesirable results.

Therefore, it is better to use the option of setting the minimum interval. In this case, the subsequent execution of the task will be possible no earlier than the specified time interval. Let's say the first user took your task to work, but the next user will only be able to do it after the time you specified. The intervals can be adjusted from 1 minute to 24 hours.

Unique IPs only

This parameter allows or disables repeated execution of the task from the same IP address. If you set the IP address to be unique, the task may be available for re-execution in 24 hours or a year. And it will also be impossible for multiple users to perform a task from the same local network with the same IP.


Vip-raising interval for the task

When you create a task and run it, it goes to the very end of the General list. As the rating increases, the task moves up the list, but you can also speed up this process.


By setting a time interval, you will ensure that the site periodically rises higher, closer to first place. It is important to note that the fee for lifting is not included in the Commission, but is charged separately for each lift.

Eligible implementer

Here you can limit the number of users who can see the task. By default, it will be available to everyone, but you can set certain conditions:

  • Users without a referrer - if you create a task to attract referrals;
  • Only for my referrals — usually used for assigning bonus tasks to your referrals to encourage them;
  • Selected performers — in this case, you can only attract users who have been assigned the "Selected performer" status and are confident in the quality of your task. We wrote about selected performers separately.

Performers with a rating

In this sub-item, you can allow access to a certain task to users who have achieved an acredited reputation of a performer or have a status on SeoSprint, hence this will improve the quality of execution:

  • By reputation of the performer - the task can only be performed by those who have a reputation not lower than that specified by you (from 10, 20 ... 1000 and higher).
  • According to the SPRINT indicator - you attract users who have reached a certain status – "trainee","worker"... "Businessman" and higher.
  • All users  - the task will be available for everyone to complete, even those who have just registered.

Social status of the audience

This parameter gives the advertiser a large set of options. If you leave it set to "default", the maximum audience will be attracted. But if you want the task to be performed by representatives of a certain social group, you can specify it very precisely. Choose the status of the audience individually.

Now you can select the target audience of performers:

  • those who have certain interests;
  • age group;
  • marital status;
  • men or women;
  • sort of occupation;
  • presence or absence of children.

Geotargeting settings

Sometimes an advertiser needs users to see their site only in certain countries or in a specific country. You can set such conditions in this menu item.

Switch the setting to individual and select the region (s) that are useful to you.

To sum it up

These are the features that advertisers can use to configure the "Advanced settings" section. In each sub-item, you can exclude a certain group of people from the list of performers, allowing only those categories of performers that are best suited for your goals to have access.

Keep in mind that some parameters additionally increase the cost of the advertising platform for the customer, but this is largely offset by the advantages the conditions of a more fine-tuned task execution provide.