Publishing Rules

For blogs and publications in the stream, the same rules apply as for all other sites on SEOSPRINT. Although slightly simplified.

It is forbidden to post the following content:

1. Advertising and links to malicious resources containing phishing, viruses, etc.

2. Pornography, erotic materials, any sexual communities, sex shops and dating boards

3. Profanity and profanity, as well as signs of cruelty and violence, racism, nationalism, immoral behavior

4. Political or religious content, other than general-purpose news resources or private experiences, a blog

5. Content with elements of witchcraft, magic, spiritualism, occultism

6.​​ Advertising of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vaping, smoking mixtures and intoxicating substances, as well as means, devices for their use and consumption

7. Content with explicit fraud and financial fraud

8. Fundraising other than official funds

9. Content and links to resources that violate international law

10. Content or images shocking or unacceptable in terms of ethics and morality

11. The absence of any significant content, the use of mainly links to external sources and resources

Please do not fill out publication headings in CAPITAL LETTERS, in bold, the same type of characters like "!!!!!!" or emoticons, emojis, pseudo-graphic elements, etc.

A blog can be blocked if it is used for other purposes. For example, as an advertisement.