New tool to keep active - Mass-mailing for referrals

PREMIUM status now includes a new tool – Referral Mass-mailing. If you have a lot of referrals, the Mass-mailing tool will save you a lot of time and increase the efficiency of interaction with your referrals. It's not just sending private messages in bulk. This is a new tool that includes a separate editor, mailing monitoring tools, and a separate page for viewing messages by your referrals.


The main advantages of Mass-mailing:

  • More advanced text editing tools
  • The ability to analyze the effectiveness of mailing
  • Reliable mechanism for notifying referrals about new messages
  • Readers have access to all referrer training materials on one page

For more information on how Mass-mailing works, read the WIKI

Рассылка для рефералов


Using the new tool correctly, you will put the quality of interaction with your referrals to a higher level.

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