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Another small insight on the changes in SEOSPRINT. This is a well-forgotten past and a little new functionality and a little new design. Everything is brief and in order ...


Back to the future - balances split again

The veterans of the project remember when there were two balances: the Main balance, in which earnings are accumulated, and the Advertising balance (Safe) - exclusively for replenishment and expenses. For objective reasons, we are returning to this scheme again.

According to the Rules of the project and to the document "Procedure for payment and delivery", the funds contributed to the budgets of advertising sites and orders can only be used for their intended purpose - to pay for advertising sites. Thus, the advertising balance (Safe) can only be replenished, and funds can be withdrawn from the project only from the main balance. These balances are not interwined with each other. The safe can also be replenished from the main balance, but not vice versa. You can make purchases (for example, buy a PREMIUM status) both from funds on the balance sheet, and directly through electronic payment systems or VISA, MasterCard, etc.


Alternative to GOLD-statuses and promo codes

Gold statuses from referrers turned out to be irrelevant. This was concluded by the analyst. Either the referrers did not dare to spend 10 cents on statuses for their referrals, or referrals turned out to be unworthy of this spending, or a third option. Therefore, we decided to cancel the GOLD-status and promo codes from the referrer and replace it with a new feature: "A month of PREMIUM, from the referrer". How does it work?

If you are a holder of the PREMIUM status, then all your referrals who have been with you for a month or more can receive a full-fledged PREMIUM for 30 days absolutely free. Also, the referrer does not need to pay for this. This preferential PREMIUM can be obtained only once.

Funds from the old budgets of promo codes have been returned to the main balance.


A change in design for blogs and publications

This is our first step into modernizing the blog section. In the near future, this area will be actively changing and developing to improve the quality of content and search engine optimization.

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