Who is a referrer and who is a referral?

💡 Understanding Referrer and Referral Concepts

👤 Referrer – Someone who suggests things to others, like telling a friend about a cool new gadget.

🎯 Referral – A person who hears the suggestion and decides to check it out, like when your friend buys that gadget you told them about.


❓ Let's see if you get it:

If you tell your friend to try a yummy restaurant, and they go, who's the referrer and who's the referral? Share below! 💬


🧐 Why these fancy words? Referrer and Referral come from the word refer in English. They're used a lot in marketing when someone tells others about a product or service they like.


💡 Referral System on SEOSPRINT

On SEOSPRINT, when someone signs up because you recommended it, they're your first-level referral. If they bring in more people, those become your second-level referrals.


Example: You invite Sarah, she's your first-level referral. If Sarah invites Mark and Jane, they're her first-level referrals but your second-level ones.


You can earn from both levels, depending on your status. The higher your status, the more you earn! 💰

 👉 Click 👈 to read more about statuses.


💡 How to Invite Referrals

Just share your special link or put a banner on your website. People who sign up through your link become your referrals. Easy, right? 😉

Navigate to the PROMO section to find your unique link, which you should share with your contacts.

Here's mine, for example: https://seosprint.run/?ref=1186018


You can track all your referrals in your profile. If you don't have a referrer yet, you're welcome to join my team! We have fun contests and rewards! 🏆


That's all! Any questions? Ask away! Don't forget to subscribe for more helpful tips! 💌

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