SEOSPRINT project questions

Bahaa Okba@15152339Author09/20/2021, 12:12 am
change refferal

Can I change my refferal? 

Оливер@303413209/20/2021, 11:22 pm #77235

Do u want to change your curator? U can t change your curator yourself. U can ask him to he ll delete u from his list of referall. 

Оливер@303413209/20/2021, 11:26 pm #77236

write him 

Fahad@1533443509/27/2021, 9:23 pm #77567

My Status and career growth slowly

What can I do for fast growing

Kajol@1517783410/06/2021, 11:05 am #77884

I can't move my ID so fast and I can't do a good job. I can't find the right job here. Now how can I get more work done?

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