SEOSPRINT project questions

Md Monirujjaman@15019949Author07/20/2021, 7:38 am
showing bad implementer.

Surely my seoprint id was lost for my mistake.  I won't make the same mistake a second time.  Please correct my id.

ZiaurRahmanBD@1527273208/30/2021, 12:48 am #75966

I don't know why me a bad implement user.To err is human.Please forgive me and solve this problem sir.

Marah@1524967209/16/2021, 4:26 pm #76972

My task offer has been rejected 😢 because I am a bad performer. I don't know where I made a mistake. I will try to pay more attention and not repeat the mistake. Please re-access my tasks.

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