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Why is my task not being completed?

One of the main ways to promote advertising products on the SEOSPRINT project is to create tasks. Their placement is the most effective way to attract the attention of users who will visit your sites and participate in your projects. Each customer wants his tasks to be completed, be in demand and be of most unfluence.


In the course of work, customers encounter situations when their tasks are not completed, or they are hired less often than they would like. In this case, it is worth revising your assignments, evaluating, finding mistakes made when creating them, and editing them.


All the reasons for why certain tasks may not be completed can be divided into two groups: the first group is purely technical reasons, and the second is the mistakes made in the preparation of tasks that scare off the implementers, let's analyze the main ones.


Details in the Wiki: Why is my task not being completed?


This article is based on the experiences of SEOSPRINT users. After reading it, you can avoid common mistakes and reduce the time for creating new tasks.

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