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Administrator@1AuthorOnline09/08/2020, 9:31 pm
New vacancies open
The SEOSPRINT team requires specialists with a good reputation and rich experience in project work, including technical support and moderation. If you love our SEO so much that you are ready to work for free, and if you meet the requirements, let us know about yourself in technical support. In the subject line, indicate: "Working for SEO". In the message, write about yourself and which of the following you can.

1. Notable knowledge of written and spoken language, pertaining to any of the following:
Spanish English French
Ideally a native speaker. Ability to correctly translate from/into Russian.

2. Good and flexible knowledge of Russian for close contact with the project administration. Without using Google Translate.

3. Ability to allocate a lot of time to work on the project. The work schedule is not standardized. Although at first there might not be a lot of work.

4. Work experience at SEOSPRINT for at least 1 year. Experience in all areas of earnings, advertising and referral work.

5. Ability to correctly express thoughts in a letter.

If you are suitable on all points except the first, but you are fluent in other language ​​(except Slavic group), you can also declare yourself.
Zafer@1505577705/05/2021, 8:11 pm #68174

Very good 

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