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Administrator@1AuthorOnline04/30/2020, 2:07 pm
Premium, Gold Status + New Quirks
Dear users!
We are pleased to announce a series of innovations at our beloved SEOSPRINT.
Special account statuses are back - paid for Premium and statuses acquired using the Gold promo code. Each of these statuses has a number of additional advantages. The highest form being Premium. Go to the page with the description and the obtainment of a status through the menu "Profile" - "Premium account". Or click on your profile picture and select the "Premium Account" menu. On the page you will find a detailed description and a comparative table of statuses.

Please note that prices for Premium statuses and Gold promotional codes are labile. After studying the statistics, prices will be changed.

Let's give some status quirks a little special attention:

Gold Promo Codes

Premium status can only be purchased. But Gold status can be obtained only by the promo code. The referral curator can buy these promo codes for his referrals, if he sees fit. In this case, the referrer himself must be the owner of the Premium status. You can not require a referral promo code. How to work with your referrals and how to stimulate them is decided solely by the referrer. You can purchase promo codes in the menu "Referrals" - "Promo codes Gold".

Invisible referral link in blogs and publications

All your blogs and publications that you create are visible not only to SEOSPRINT users, but also outside the project, using a direct link to a blog or publication. But for Gold and Premium owners, any blog or publication is also a kind of landing page. Any unregistered person, going to such a blog, if he decides to register for SEOSPRINT, will join the referrals of the author of this blog. And it does not matter what this blog is about. About earnings, cooking or cars. Your blog is your reflink!

Placing blogs and publications in an indexed directory

Everything is simple here - everything that you publish will be available to search engines and unauthorized users. A link to the "Publication Directory" is located in the basement of the site for unauthorized. The option is available to Premium users.

10% reward for purchasing Premium status by referrals

It’s just an opportunity to earn extra money on good referrals. The option is available to Premium users.

Everything is simply at the tip of your fingertips!

The first 10,000 lucky ones can now take advantage of a special promo code from the GOLD7777 administration to receive a GOLD status for 15 days. You can redeem the promo code on the Premium account page. Hurry up! The number of promo codes and their validity period is limited!
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And some more changes

1. Users with a rating of "Specialist" and a higher ranking can now receive 1% of the cost of tasks and quests from their referral advertisers.

2. The "Statistics" page no longer exists. All information from there went to your user’s wall and is visible only to you.

3. On walls, blogs and publications, you can now change the screensaver (header). This should give your resources sophistication, atmosphere and attract more attention. Gold and Premium status owners have a much wider choice of screensavers. To change the screensaver on the wall, go to "My Profile" - "Account Data", the tab "Visual Design".

4. Blogs of Gold and Premium users will additionally, randomly appear in the right sidebar, under contextual advertising.

5. Now the "Publication Feed" is also available in the version for unauthorized users. It displays the publications of Gold and Premium users.

6. The “views” tracker visible with your publications now includes an additional indicator, “Number of guest views.” So you can estimate how many users see you and where they come from. Views are considered only unique visits within 24 hours from one IP address.

7. Now blogs and publications, after the writing or editing of text, go into the "At Work" mode. In this mode, your works are not yet seen by readers. This will allow for you to gradually collect and build upon the publication, checking the result, and making any additions. And only after that, by clicking on the "Publish" button, you will make the publication available to everyone.

Yours faithfully,
CEO team

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